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Dyson Floor Care

Dyson was founded in 1987 by James Dyson. He was disappointed with the way existing vacuum cleaners, including his Hoover Junior, used bags to trap dust, and how these bags clogged when routine maintenance was neglected, causing the cleaners to lose suction and cleaning power. He took inspiration for a bagless vacuum cleaner from a visit to a local sawmill, where he noticed how sawdust was removed from the air by large industrial cyclones. Centrifugal separators are a typical method of collecting dirt, dust and debris in industrial settings. Such methods usually were not applied on a smaller scale because of the higher cost. Dyson hypothesised the same principle might work, on a smaller scale, in a vacuum cleaner. He removed the bag from his vacuum and fitted it with a cardboard cyclone. He found that this was more effective than previous vacuum cleaner models.

Today Dyson makes many products for hair dryers to lighting. Vacuums & More is proud to carry their vacuums, both corded and cordless units, as well as their environmental control line up. This product category includes bladeless fans, heaters, humidifiers and air purifiers.
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